Located in the heart of Lambrusco di Sorbara land, the company was founded in Italy in 2010, as a natural result of a series of special adjustments and renovations designed to give a second birth to a fine wine producer operating in Bomporto Modena since 1920. The winery project is led by the only heir of the former winery, Christian Bellei, a wine-maker with a strong commitment to fine sparkling wines. His unrestrained passion for the Champenoise Method, together with his careful and constant research, is leading the winery to become a significant player in the field of quality wines, pioneering a new approach to the wine making of Lambrusco.

One of the winery’s distinctive features is Christian Bellei’s effort to devise increasingly innovative products, expressing at the same time the authenticity of the territory from which they originate, and the peculiarity of the grapes used.

From the very beginning, Cantina della Volta’s main goal was to become the leader of a niche market of autochtonous, high quality wines. Angela Sini, CEO, is assisted by a team that takes care of every commercial activity aimed at achieving this strategic objective.

The project started with a long term planning, and a punctual vision of the company’s target market.

Today, the portfolio of sparkling wines is the result of a thorough and uncompromising quality control on the entire supply chain, from the highly sustainable cultivation, to the careful supervision of every stage of the production.

Christian Bellei guiding principle reminds the famous song "My Way": Cantina della Volta never compromised with the dynamics of mass market, rejects any kind of standardization and focuses in satisfying a demanding audience looking for innovation, high quality and finesse.