Discover The Adventures of Captain Cork !

Discover The Adventures of Captain Cork !


We introduce you to The adventures of Captain Cork, the international project that aims to spread the knoweledge of winemaking and wine culture all over the world!


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The messege was quite complex, but it needed to be expressed in a simple and funny way: a little amusement designed for markets with little knoweledge of wine culture, in order to have a glimpse of the world behind a fine bottle. We chose the comics-strip media, wich can contain texts and images, combining smartness and freshness with the description of complex procedures.

Design and colours have been edited by Silvio Scripelliti, italian texts by Angela Sini di Cantina della Volta, while layout and translations have been developed by  Maurizio Guermandi S.R.L. Once completed the paper version, the next and easy step was translating the whole work in a video version for the web users. [...]



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