Our History

The activity of Cantina della Volta started in 2010 on the initiative of a group of friends, all wine lovers, who asked Christian Bellei to share a new project in the wine sector: give continuity to the production of wines of the Modena area using the Classic Method, widely used in France, better known as the Champenoise Method, namely that of natural fermentation in the bottle..

Christian Bellei represents the fourth generation of wine entrepreneurs in Bomporto (Modena) Italy. The business was started by his ancestors in 1920 and later inherited by his father Giuseppe, who led the family winery until the end of the nineties.

Giuseppe Bellei, better known in Modena as "Beppe", passed down to Christian the values and passion of winemaking, working hard with his son and involving him in various stages of the wine preparation. Father and son shared various visits in Epernay, France, home to noble sparkling wines, attracted by the charm of the Champagne. The purpose of the trips was to study in depth the processing of the wines by the Method Champenoise and then apply it on the grapes pressed in their cellar of Bomporto.

This passion for the Classic Method is the living legacy that led to the birth of the Christian Bellei’s Cantina della Volta. The members of Cantina della Volta ask Christian to respect a single binding condition: continue making quality wines "in his own way". In other words, wisely profit from the strong wine-making skills and continue improving oenological knowledge of wine acquired from his father and the practice.