The Vineyard of Riccò

The vineyard is part of an area of 32 hectares, of which 9 are devoted to white vine varieties. It is called homestead of San Lorenzo behind the mount, located in Riccò of Serramazzoni, on Modena hills. It was chosen by Beppe Bellei to fully experience the French method, starting from the grapes plantation.

It is a hilly, sunny terrain, made of limestone, chalk and clay, located near a bush and characterized by terroir and microclimate similar to the land area of French Champagne. The altitude and the proximity of the adjacent bush allow the vineyard to enjoy the effects of temperature variation. In the 90s the land was planted of clones of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir bought in France. After a few years, with the first harvest, it was possible to start an experimental first production of quality sparkling white wines. Refining the technique, Beppe Bellei came to obtain some major awards in wine competitions.

Since then, the same grapes continue to be carefully cultivated, under the watchful eye of Christian Bellei, who wisely decides the policies of cultivation and pruning. Harvest operations are entirely carried out by hands in order to protect the integrity of the grapes until the soft pressing. The vinification of our grapes of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay and the following blending is the basis of our two sparkling wines: "Il Mattaglio" Brut and "Il Mattaglio" Dosage Zero.

In Summer 2015, Cantina della Volta winery will also offer two Sparkling Vintage wines obtained by a selection of the best grapes from this vineyard and a five years maturation.