CDV BRUTROSSO Lambrusco di Sorbara D.O.C. Spumante Brut Metodo Classico Vintage 2016

Lambrusco di Sorbara Spumante D.O.C.

Traditional Method Vintage 2016




BRUT red fine sparkling wine



Single variety wine-making of Lambrusco di Sorbara grapes, grown in the Lambrusco di Sorbara D.O.C. typical cultivation area.

Harvesting period



Wine-making Method

Lambrusco di Sorbara Spumante D.O.C. is obtained from the single variety vinification of the best Lambrusco di Sorbara grapes.

The wine undergoes the secondary fermentation in the bottle, sticking to the Classic Method procedure. Bottles are then stored horizontally at a constant room temperature of 12°C for at least nine months. Atfer the rémuage and the disgorgement, liqueur d’expédition is added, then bottles are corked, wired and labeled.



Brilliant ruby red color, with elegant and uninterrupted chains of tiny perlage, characteristic of the Classic Method. On the nose, inviting fragrances of raspberries and juicy wild strawberries mixed with intriguing citrus notes. In the mouth, definite beginning, as an authentic Sorbara wine, then it spreads with rich fruity flavors. Nice finish, good persistence, excellent harmony in the balance of acid and salty flavors. Clean finish.


Alcohol strength: 12,5% vol.

To be served at 8 -10°C


 Available bottles

 750 ml bottle packed in 6-piece case.

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