White Quality Sparkling Wine Classic Method - 2015 Vintage


BRUT white quality fine sparkling wine

Grape variety

Single variety winemaking of lambrusco di Sorbara grapes grown on Secchia river alluvial plains, in the heart of Emilia Romagna region


Harvesting period

Last week of September

Wine-making method

Obtained from selected lambrusco di Sorbara single varietal grape, gathered in small cases by manual harvesting, then softly pressed and vinified in white (without skin contact). The must undergoes clarification, followed by primary fermentation into controlled temperature stainless steel tanks.After remaining at least six months inside the tanks for refinement, the wine receives selected yeasts prior to being bottled. Then the secondary fermentation  takes place in the bottle. The wine remains on the lees, stored horizontally in piles, for 34 months to develop additional complexity and bouquet richness. The following steps are disgorgement and dosage (liqueur d’expedition addition).


Pale yellow color with greenish hues, lively and persistent effervescence that finds its ultimate expression in a fine, uninterrupted and lasting crown.
The expressive and masterful nose reveals pleasant floral scents combined with distinctive notes of fruit (apple). The attack is large, dynamic, round and velvety. It happily matches with the elements identified in the olfactory phase.


Alcohol strength: 12,5% vol.
To be served at 8°C




750 ml bottle, packed in case by 6
1500 ml magnum bottle, packed in case by 3

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