The Winemaker

My name is Christian Bellei, born in 1968. After finishing my studies in agricultural science I joined my father Giuseppe in the family’s winery known since 1920 as “Francesco Bellei & C.” in Bomporto (Modena).

Christian Bellei

We lived right next door to the winery, so I grew up as an apprentice boy, taking care of almost any task involved with the wine-making activity, thus acquiring a complete view of the management of the wine industry: from the selection of grapes suitable for harvesting, their arrival for soft crushing, the wine-making and following bottling, up to packing the finished bottles into the cases for sale.

My father Giuseppe was very fond of high quality sparkling wines and, working next to him, I had the chance to learn how to taste a wine: all the scarcely perceptible nuances in wines must be clearly perceived. We tasted every single production together and the result of that activity granted me a higher sensibility towards little details of a wine. He thought me how a single note could make a wine really unique and unrepeatable.

I now often say, "wine is not the result of an algebraic formula: it is the outcome of a serious research activity combined with unrestrained passion". Even knowing how to taste a wine, in my view, is a sort of legacy.

Cantina della Volta marked in my forty years with a new venture. It represents the professional challenge that I waited a long time: refurbish the primitive family winery founded in 1920 and devote myself to improving my oenological skills and give birth to high quality wines.

My wine-making choice has always been oriented to the traditional method of fermentation in the bottle, not ever contemplating the use of the autoclave. Lambrusco "Rimosso" draws heavily on the agricultural tradition of Modena being a re-fermented wine in the bottle and is my homage to our roots. All the other sparkling wines are produced with the Chanpenoise Method that develops most elegant wines, thanks to the slow and long maturation in bottle with subsequent disgorgement and dosage.

Making good wines is the way I deliver to the future the best traditions of the past.