The Winery

The idea of using Cantina della Volta as corporate name comes from the specific location of our winery in the area of Bomporto (name meaning “good port” and derived from the original Buon Porto used until 1800 to define a port that gave good shelter to the vessels).

From 1423 the territory of Bomporto is crossed by the Naviglio Modenese, which is a canal obtained from a deflection of the Panaro river (tributary of the main Po river). All of them being navigable, these waterways were historically the most commonly used trade routes for goods interchange between the town of Modena and the Adriatic sea.

The original course of Naviglio canal left Modena behind Este’s Dukes Palace and went outside the town walls touching the place of Mulini Nuovi, crossing Bastiglia to reach Bomporto, then joined the river Panaro. Not surprisingly, the agricultural and commercial organized activities of the past centuries chose to be located in close proximity of the waterways, in order to facilitate their trades with the city. The navigation was active until early 1900, when the barges loaded with goods reached the harbor pulled by horses. Bomporto’s Dock is the most significant architectural excellence in the area and was built in the second half of XVIII century during Francesco II d'Este dukedom. Besides being a masterpiece of hydraulics, it is also an admirable construction known for its beautiful Vinciane Gates, which allow the canal to block the influx from Naviglio to Panaro, when the waterflow exceeds a certain level. Doors functioning is fully automatic and is based on a hydraulic principle studied by Leonardo da Vinci.

Cantina della Volta’s current building was found by the Bellei family in 1920 in front of the Naviglio bank in the area of Bomporto approaching the Dock, where the boats had to make "the turn" on their way to resume sailing in the opposite direction towards the city of Modena. Literally, the name Cantina della Volta could be translated as WINERY OF THE TURN, with a double meaning: not only the turn the boats did in past ages in front of the winery, but also the significant turn recently occurred in the management of the winery itself.

Why "Cantina della Volta"?

In 2010 Christian had the opportunity to write the script of the winery according to his true skills.

The initial step was focused on the structural recovery of the old Cantina Bellei building respecting the original architecture. The goal was to obtain a fascinating combination of the old environment in which three Bellei generations worked before Christian, and a set of newly highly technological bottling line specifically designed for the production of the Classic Method.

The spaces were then furnished with authentic jewels of wine-making technology: a Bucher Vaslin pressing machine that enables measured squeezing of the grapes, by selected splittings; stainless steel thermo-conditioned storage tankers; conditioning equipment to keep the musts freshly stored by automated controls; ambient control system that allows the fermentation and maturation at the optimum constant temperature, as well as an advanced line of disgorging and dosage of the liqueur followed by corking machine and labelling.

The eye of Christian Bellei is always open to the most innovative solutions in the pursuit of an increasing better quality of the bottled wines.